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This new tall skinny “mini” silicone mold is a perfect size for testing new recipes, scents, and colors.  It also makes a great guest mold size, or for when you’re making a one batch recipe.  It holds 22 ounces of liquid.  It works well if you are using a batch size that is 16 ounces of oils, more or less depending on how much your water amount is.  The internal dimensions are 6.1 x 2.16 x 3.15.  Your finished soap will be roughly 2×3″ and however thick you want to make them.  It is a clear durable silicone that holds its shape very well and is heat resistant to 4oo degrees.


The pink, yellow, and green soap has a slightly rounded top using soap calc water amount at 30% and 16 oz of oils.

The purple soap has a high piled top using soap calc water amount at 38% and 16 oz of oils.

To see the first video using this mold, click here:  https://youtu.be/h1fehnlbqqU


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Weight 9.5 oz

2 reviews for Tall Skinny Mini Mold

  1. Carol Manson

    Love this mold! It is a perfect size for testing and small custom batches. I’ve used it many times since I purchased it several months ago. It suits me better than the regular size 1 lb.

  2. Any Watkins (verified owner)

    I so love this little mold! It’s the perfect size for my smaller batches and I love the way the bars fit in my hand. Unmolding was clean and easy (as long as I wait 24 hours). I have to refrain from buying a second one. There is some slight bowing in the middle when full, but I put a rubber band just under the rim and around the mold and that have it just enough support not to bow.

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