Gear Tie Hanger Tool 24″

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This is called a “gear tie” in the non-soap world, but to us it’s a hanger tool used to make delicate hanger swirls.  Having one that is adjustable to different mold lengths makes this one versatile as well as useful.  It is made from strong black rubber with a re-shapeable wire inside.  The ends have secured caps for safety.  After using it to make your designs, wash well and let dry.

To see the gear tie in action, most of my videos use it:

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1 review for Gear Tie Hanger Tool 24″

  1. Amber B. (verified owner)

    Well I just plain love this! I have a hanger swirl tool from another supplier that I really enjoy (it’s just 10g coated electrical wire with rubber on the ends, but it does the job!), but I’ve been wanting something a bit thicker for some serious swirling business! This hanger swirl tool is PERFECT! I used it yesterday on a practice-run for a butterfly swirl, and it turned out awesome! I love how customizable this is to easily bend and shape to one’s mold size! I’m always worried to re-bend the hanger tool I previously bought elsewhere too much because it’s pretty stiff, and that wire on the inside will eventually wear down & snap, so I don’t readjust it very often. However, THIS hanger tool is wonderfully “bendy” and adjustable, and will last and last! I love the thickness of it because it really grabs those colors on the inside of your soap and creates big-time swirls!! There’s no bells or whistles here, it’s just the perfect tool to do the job, make life a little easier and convenient, and make for some beautiful, eye-catching swirls in one’s soapy projects! The price is outstanding, and it also doubles as a good “husband whipper” too! Ok, ok, just kidding about that last part LOL! But really though, this is a great tool and I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

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