Tall Skinny Mini Mold

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*This mold is only available in pink as shown at this time, the frosted clear is out of stock.

The Tall Skinny Mini silicone soap mold is a perfect size for testing new recipes, scents, and colors.  It also makes a great guest mold size, or for when you’re making a one batch recipe.  It holds 22 ounces of liquid.  It works well if you are using a batch size that is 16 ounces of oils, more or less depending on how much your water amount is.  The internal dimensions are 6.1 x 2.16 x 3.15.  Your finished soap will be roughly 2×3″ and however thick you want to make them.  It is a clear durable silicone that holds its shape very well and is heat resistant to 4oo degrees.

The soap pic with pink, yellow, and green soap has a slightly rounded top using soap calc water amount at 30% and 16 oz of oils.

The pic with purple soap has a high piled top using soap calc water amount at 38% and 16 oz of oils.

To see the first video using this mold, click here:  https://youtu.be/h1fehnlbqqU


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Weight 9.5 oz

8 reviews for Tall Skinny Mini Mold

  1. shelam (verified owner)

    Love this little mold. Perfect for 1 lb test batches.

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    Bought 2 and loved it! It’s small and sturdy! Perfect for 1 lb batch!

  3. Tara Pacheco (verified owner)

    The Tall & Skinny Mini, is my new favorite thing! I’m putting another in my cart, right now. They are perfect for hobbyist who make small batches (me!), or, the sellers (pros!) when they need to test batches.
    *Steph, is always a great help.

  4. Kathleen (verified owner)

    I bought this when first offered and I loved it for testing my new fo, this makes the perfect size to test and I could cut them thin for samples.
    Well I needed to buy 3 more because I have a RB&B account. They want a variety of scents, so I can cut them 1/2” bars of soap in a variety of scents for them. Perfect size for this and my new customer loves the size.

  5. Kathy Copeland (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh, I positively love this mold! Makes perfect sized bars , perfect for testing fragrances etc, I wait 2 days and add some sodium lactate too and it pops right out! I personally don’t care for silicone loaf molds but this one is an exception! I now have 4, just love em…

  6. Shantelle Smail (verified owner)

    I was so happy to find this mini tall skinny mold. I have a mini standard mold, but I really prefer the tall skinny bars. First of all, this mold is too cute for words. But beyond the cute factor – it is made of the same quality of the full size tall skinny mold that I have. It does bow a little when full but I have found that to be true of the full size as well. I just put a jelly jar on each side until the soap has firmed up enough to support itself. No big deal. The soaps are narrower than a normal tall/skinny, but I like how they fit in my hand. I’m planning to get a second one soon so I can do test batches with variations side by side.

  7. Carol Manson

    Love this mold! It is a perfect size for testing and small custom batches. I’ve used it many times since I purchased it several months ago. It suits me better than the regular size 1 lb.

  8. Any Watkins (verified owner)

    I so love this little mold! It’s the perfect size for my smaller batches and I love the way the bars fit in my hand. Unmolding was clean and easy (as long as I wait 24 hours). I have to refrain from buying a second one. There is some slight bowing in the middle when full, but I put a rubber band just under the rim and around the mold and that have it just enough support not to bow.

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