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This is called a “gear tie” in the non-soap world, but to us it’s a hanger tool used to make delicate hanger swirls.  Having one that is adjustable to different mold lengths makes this one versatile as well as useful.  It is made from strong black rubber with a re-shapeable wire inside.  The ends have secured caps for safety.  After using it to make your designs, wash well and let dry.  The Gear Tie Hanger Tool comes in 2 convenient sizes, this is the listing for the 18″.  This size will give you plenty of length to hold onto with a 10″ size mold and shorter length molds.  The 24″ will work better for longer molds, but either can be used if you made separate passes through the soap.  There aren’t any rules with this design, just options!  Pictured: the 18″ is shown in a 10″ mold.

To see the gear tie in action, most of my videos use it:

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