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The tall skinny “mega size” silicone mold is a great size for big batches of tall skinny fun!  It will hold up to 60 oz of liquid/soap batter.  The internal dimensions are 12 x 2.25 x 4″.  It is a clear durable silicone that holds its shape very well due to the thick middle ribs.  It is heat resistant to 400 degrees.

It is recommended to use sodium lactate (1-3%) or table salt in your cold process soap recipe with any silicone mold to make it unmold more readily.  This is especially true with this very tall mold. Letting your soap set up for a full 24 hours if you have approximately half of your recipe with hard oils is also suggested, longer for recipes with more soft oils.  A water discount is also suggested for better unmolding.

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