Lavender Mica

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This light purple is deceptively pastel dry due to its glittery shimmer, yet it appears slightly darker in soap.  It is a cosmetic grade mica that is stable in cold process soap, and useful for many bath and body products.  It is approved for use on lips.  Usage rate for cold and hot process soap is between 1-2 tsp per pound of soap.  Mica is packed in a zip-top stand up pouch that is heat sealed.  Sample size is one teaspoon.  This mica is also in the Pastel Micas Sample Set.



Titanium Dioxide

Manganese Violet

10-60 microns

To see this mica used in soap, here’s a video:


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4 reviews for Lavender Mica

  1. Snow bee (verified owner)

    Stunning lavender mica. This is the first I’ve seen this color, no one else’s come close. It works well in CP soap and the color doesn’t fade one bit. What you see is what you get!
    I’ve already placed two orders and am on my third. The prices, quality, and customer service is second to none.

  2. Kathleen (verified owner)

    This is the best Lavender mica that I have found, if you are looking for a soft purple this is the one to use!

  3. Amber (verified owner)

    This is THE PERFECT soft shade of lavender!! Purple isn’t a color I use very often in my soapy projects because many of the purple shades I currently own are very dark in hue, and I tend to gravitate more towards softer colors & pastels in my soapy creations. Having this stunning shade of lavender in my mica collection means I’ll be using purple A WHOLE LOT MORE! I made some MP embeds with this mica yesterday, and am IN LOVE with the results this mica produces in clear MP base! I can’t wait to get this in CP next!! Going to the Mica & More Facebook page (an EXCELLENT group for fellow crafters!), I saw a GORGEOUS soap a talented soap artist had made with this mica, and it truly IS the precise shade of soothing lavender! Another MUST-HAVE color from Micas & More!

  4. BYahnke (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this Lavender! It is very difficult to find lavender mica, and was so happy to see this one. It works beautifully in CP soap, and the color stays true. I already know this is one I will keep in my stock! Thank you Stephanie for starting this group buy store. It enables soapers who can’t afford $6.00 an ounce to color soap, and get professional results. I love Micas and More! Already have my next order ready, and haven’t even gotten this months yet! I may have a small problem!!! BY

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