Red Berry Rhubarb

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Red Berry Rhubarb type fragrance oil is a tart but juicy blend of rhubarb, cranberry, apple, lemon zest, pineapple, plum, peach nectar, and red currant.  This fragrance oil is top quality and made in the USA.

Slight discoloration to soft yellow.  Some acceleration noted, hand stirring in fragrance to CP soap is suggested and/or full water.

The suggested usage rate in soap is 3.01%.  MAX safety usage rate in soap is 3.01%.

Vanillin: 0%

Phthalate Free

Flashpoint: >200



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6 reviews for Red Berry Rhubarb

  1. Amber L Caruso (verified owner)

    This scent is one of my all time favorites!
    It’s so true to what rhubarb smells like and isn’t a “candy” type fragrance.

  2. Ellen V (verified owner)

    A crisp tart fragrance. Perfect fall scent. I soap cool and did not notice acceleration. Scent holds well

  3. ElsieLila (verified owner)

    This is a really nice fragrance. OOB it smells nice; after making soap with it, it is a little iffy. Smells a bit perfumey but not unpleasant. I did not try to smell it for weeks, but the other day, a really nice smell kept wafting over to my father and me. I smelled it and was thrilled; it has a lovely berry smell with a hint of citrus and some tart notes. Berry smells can be a problem for me and give me headaches, but this one does not. I will be ordering more of this in the future. Definitely a good fragrance to try out.

  4. Jessica Miller (verified owner)

    Love this fragrance!!! I’ve been looking everywhere for it. I bought a 2oz bottle to see if it smelled like the one (name redacted) previously sold and it does. This is my husband’s favorite scent along with being a top seller with customers. Will be purchasing a bigger bottle. Thank you so much for offering this fragrance and please do not discontinue it. It performs great in soap, scrub and wax melts. Love it

  5. Stephanie Greek (verified owner)

    What can I say? This scent is amazing! Love that it has a strong rhubarb smell to it. One of my favorites and I have a LOT of fragrances! Behaved decent, was able to use the colors I wanted with little change. Love this<3

  6. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Straight out of the bottle I wasn’t sure I liked this fragrance… but in soap is smells awesome!!! I’m so glad I purchased this. I think it will be a very popular summer scent.

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