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Palo Santo Type fragrance oil has notes of Palo Santo wood, warm amber, and soft musk.  It’s a creamy, woodsy scent.  It is a dupe of the popular scent by BBW.  This fragrance oil is top quality, uncut, and made in the USA.

It discolors to a light tan, though warm micas hold their color well.  No ricing or acceleration was noted.  As with any new item, please test first.

The suggested usage rate in soap is 3-5.53%

The MAX safety usage rate is 5.53%.

Vanillin: 0.5%

Phthalate Free

Flashpoint: >200

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Scent Card, 16 oz, 8 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz

9 reviews for Palo Santo

  1. saguaro soap works (verified owner)

    I’ve burned Palo Santo in my home for years, this FO is the closest match to the real thing I’ve found! It holds it’s scent really well in my hot process soap. This was one of my best sellers!

  2. Christina Erickson (verified owner)

    Very nice. Compares well to a fragrance I had used in the past. Next time I might use a slightly higher rate to try to get it a bit stronger, I think I used 2%. This is a scent people either LOVE or ignore. If you are or know fans of smoky woodsy scents, you’ll love this one.

  3. JoAnn Quattrone (verified owner)

    Tried this fragrace last year and now need to order again!
    such a magical scent for everyone!

  4. Lauren Voelker (verified owner)

    Smoky, sweet, woody and sexy! This scent is so “yummy” that even though you can market it as masculine, plenty of ladies love it too! Plenty of time for a one pot wonder swirl in CP soap and it paired beautifully with the bronze satin mica 🙂

  5. Belinda (verified owner)

    Initially, this fragrance confused me. It was there, then it was gone. It smelled a bit like a Nag Champa fragrance, then it was gone again…now, its this beautiful, complex woody fragrance. Its a little bit smoky, a hint of spice. Under all that is a lovely musk.

    The fragrance is light in the soap, but I notice after I wash my hands, the scent lingers just a bit. My CP heated a bit and developed some ash, but that’s due to my ingredients, not the fragrance oil.

    I’m going to do something I rarely do and mix up some perfume oil for myself. This is a fragrance I want to stick around. 🙂

  6. Kathleen (verified owner)

    I love this FO, it was easy to work with. Great men’s scent but I am finding that women like it too. My soap is cured and the scent is nice.

  7. jackiehahnw (verified owner)

    YUM YUM YUM, so sultry…. not sure how to explain the scent besides a fresh incense smell, not musty, but bright.

  8. Ludene (verified owner)

    I cannot get enough of this one. I ordered 8 oz and turned around and ordered another 16 oz. after making my first batch of cold process soap. The scent is light and well, enchanting. I cannot stop sniffing the curing soap. I have also used it in shampoo bars and liquid soap. Family members keep asking when the soap will be “ready”.

  9. Amber B. (verified owner)

    I stopped at the mailbox on my way out to the grocery store, so of course I had to sit in the car & open my package from Micas & More ASAP! I never jumped on the Palo Santo craze until now… This FO is exquisite! Woody, smokey, sweet, spicy & resinous; that is how I would sum up this scent! Its complexity is rich & alluring, yet so smooth to the senses! I placed a dab on my wrist, then went into the store to do my shopping. At checkout, the girl ringing me up said, “Can I ask what you’re wearing? You smell so good!” I took that as a sign that women would love this just as much as the guys! I wanted to share this experience for anyone curious about the scent itself, but I’ll update with CP performance too! I’m planning on using it with a resin-infusion, since I have some lovely resins on-hand, and a new mortar & pestle to grind them with! I think this FO would go perfect with an infusion of either frankincense or copal resins… It’s such an opulent scent, it really inspires you to want to do something extra special with it!

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