Honey I Washed The Kids

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Honey I Washed The Kids Type fragrance oil is a soft honey scent with notes of toffee, citrus, and floral with a base note of soft musk.  It is a Lush dupe of their popular scent.  This fragrance oil is top quality, uncut, and made in the USA.

Discolors to a light tan.  No acceleration noted.

The MAX safety usage rate is 50% until February 2022, when it changes to 3.82%.

Vanillin: 0%

Phthalate Free

Flashpoint: >200



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3 reviews for Honey I Washed The Kids

  1. ElsieLila (verified owner)

    I really like this fragrance. I was a little hesitant since I have been put off by honey fragrances in the past (usually far to sweet), but I have been very happy with this. It is very soft and sweet but not overly sweet. It did not discolor at all, nor did it accelerate trace. It behaved very well; it actually appeared to decelerate the trace a bit. It has held in my cp soap without fading. I am very happy and will most likely order this again in the future.

  2. Amber B. (verified owner)

    Every once in awhile I treat myself to one (or 5! Lol) “Scrubee” bees from Lush, which is in the HIWTK scent. It’s such a scrumptious aroma, I’ve tried every HIWTK dupe I could get my hands on! This FO is SPOT-ON to original!!! The scent is delicious and WONDERFULLY fragrant! Soft, sweet honey notes with mouthwatering hints of toffee and a cocoa-buttery creaminess that makes this smell good enough to eat! Behaved BEAUTIFULLY in CP, with plenty of time for a 4 color swirl & pretty piped top! I was prepared for some slight discoloration, but using mica colorants, I really haven’t seen any! I used warmer colors anyway, but so far, they’ve remained true and haven’t been affected by any darkening! I even used a bit of Micas and More’s White Satin mica in my design, and it’s remained a pretty creamy-white in my soap, which goes perfectly with the scent! I am SO HAPPY with how this beautiful FO behaved in CP and how yummy it smells in application! 100% recommend! It’s a sweet, creamy, cozy aroma that would be wonderful during colder months, but not limited to being just a seasonal scent either! This is a year-round love affair of soft honey goodness, and it’s precisely perfect!

  3. Keli Barnes (verified owner)

    A lovely, soft scent. Even though it’s 0% vanillin, the smell of my soap has a lovely, mild vanilla undertone.

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