Frost Brilliance Glitter

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Frost Brilliance Glitter is made of fluorphlogopite, a synthetic mineral that is environmentally friendly, as it is not made of plastic.  It is FDA approved for use in bath bombs.

The super large particle size gives a glittery reflection.  It is cosmetic grade and will add a special pop to your soap tops, or in M&P soaps.  In bath bombs it will give a luxurious shimmer that waves and ripples.  Just add until you are satisfied with the effect.  It is packed in thick zip top stand up pouches and is heat sealed.

Ingredients:  Fluorphlogopite, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide

Micron Size:  200-700

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2 reviews for Frost Brilliance Glitter

  1. carriencognito (verified owner)

    this is my “go to” glitter. it always makes my soaps pop!

  2. Amber B. (verified owner)

    Frosty & brilliant doesn’t even cover this- It’s pure, magical fairy dust!! This is so gorgeously sparkly, sprinkling this atop my last CP batch looked absolutely STUNNING! I want to use this on everything now… It’s so elegant & fine, I positively LOVE it! The amount of sparkle & shimmer this gives to soap is jaw-dropping, and the quality & price is OUTSTANDING! If you want to add a dash of brilliant, frosty “bling” to your soapy creations, this is where it’s at!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Micas & More! There’s not been one single item I’ve purchased here that hasn’t exceeded my expectations, and the customer care is STELLAR! I received my package within 48hrs of ordering it, and the personal attention Stephanie gives to each & every customer is truly unmatched! I received a full free ounce of a BEAUTIFUL orange mica in honor of Micas & More’s anniversary and I can’t express enough how much that meant to me! From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO MUCH Stephanie!❤ I’m so glad I discovered Micas & More through facebook because I’ve been BEYOND thrilled with all my purchases, and this company is stuck with me now LOL!

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