Goat Milk Powder

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Goat’s Milk Powder is an excellent ingredient to include in bath, soap, cream and lotion formulations.  Goat’s milk is a natural emollient that helps soothe and moisturize the skin.  It contains vitamins A, B6, B12 and E.  Caseins are easily absorbed into the skin and allow for quick hydration of dry skin.  The content of triglycerides, capric, caprylic and caproic acid helps balance the skin’s natural pH and promotes natural exfoliation of dry skin.  It is available in 4 oz and 1 pound amounts.  It is packaged in a 5 mil plastic stand up pouch with a resealable zip top.

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4 oz, 1 pound

4 reviews for Goat Milk Powder

  1. Karen Urbanski (verified owner)

    Just love this additive! Was using frozen this is the way to add Gaots Milk!! Will order bigger size next time.

  2. Sharon

    Love what this does for my CP soap. It adds creaminess and vitamins for softer skin. Many people have remarked about the “creaminess” of my soap. i add a couple of teaspoon fulls into my melted oils and stick blend for a minute – then add my lye water.

  3. Sharon Gilsleider

    I love what this does for my CP soap. I add a couple teaspoon fulls in my melted oils and stick blend for a minute before adding my lye water. Adds creaminess and vitamins for the skin.

  4. Sharon Gilsleider

    I love what this does for my CP Soap. Makes it very creamy, and soft on the skin. I mix a couple teaspoons into my oils before mixing with the lye water. Blend with the stick blender and good to go.

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