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Carrot Powder is high in beta carotene among other nutrients.  It has a creamy orange color when added to soaps and other bath and body products. Add about 1-2 tablespoons per pound of soap.  Carrot Powder will naturally clump together, but it will easily break down to a powder, no worries, nothing is wrong if it clumps.  It is packaged in a 5 mil thick stand up pouch with a resealable zip top in 4 oz amounts.  This item is unable to be sent internationally.

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  1. Maggie Anderson (verified owner)

    I have used the Carrot Powder 3 times now. And I love using it as the only additional ingredient for my soaps. Or with the Buttermilk Powder. All things “Carrot” related are really popular in bath & beauty care products right now. It makes for a great natural type soap & for facial soaps. It does want to clump up like it says in the description. The easiest way I’ve found to combat that is premix it with a bit of very hot distilled water. Then blend that into oils before the lye solution.

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