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Buttermilk powder can be added to bath and beauty products, giving skin a silky smooth feeling.  It can be added to soap, bath salts or milk bath formulations, and to facial mud or clay masks.  It is packaged in a 5 mil thick stand up pouch with a resealable zip top in 4 oz amounts.  This item is unable to be sent internationally.

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2 reviews for Buttermilk Powder

  1. Amber B. (verified owner)

    Just like Maggie, I’d never used anything but liquid milks in my soaps before, but I’m loving this powder! Previously, with liquid milks, I’d often run into the issue of not being able to use up the whole carton before it went past its expiration (especially when subbing only part of my total liquid for the milk). This always left me feeling super bad & wasteful when having to discard unused milk. With this powder, that’s not a problem anymore! I’m able to reconstitute exactly how much I need & store the rest for when I need it later. My biggest concern about using powdered milks was how well or easily it would reconstitute, but that’s not been a problem! This buttermilk powder dissolves beautifully & clump-free with my mini-mixer, and is smooth & creamy! I love adding milks to my recipes but disliked the waste, so I’m thrilled Micas & More carries these powdered milks (and at such great prices & generous amounts)! I’ll definitely continue to use this buttermilk powder in my soapy creations & will be back for other milk powders as well! I’ve been making soap for many years & this has become a wonderful game-changer for me! I’m kicking myself for not trying this sooner, but I’m so happy I can get this, and other fantastic milk powders & additives right here at Micas & More!

  2. Maggie Anderson (verified owner)

    I just got this last month & am already loving it. I had never tried using anything other than the liquid milks before. But this Buttermilk Powder works fantastically in CP soaps. I blend it into my oils before adding my lye solution. And it blends in so easily. It gives a terrific silky smooth quality to my soap. And I most definitely will continue using it. If you are thinking about adding Buttermilk to your soaps, I highly recommend using this powder.

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