Silicone Spatula 8″

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A handy tool for mixing smaller amounts of soap with colorant or additives, this mini silicone spatula is just like the larger version.  It is all one piece on the outside, with no gaps to collect soap, and no separate parts that are glued together.  The inner core is nylon, which provides excellent strength, while the silicone remains flexible.  Size is approximate.

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2 reviews for Silicone Spatula 8″

  1. Amber B. (verified owner)

    Best spatula for soapmaking- EVER! First, IT’S ALL ONE SINGLE piece, so no more will the head of your spatula slip off in the middle of making soap (SOOOO ANNOYING!), and no gunk build-up to tediously clean, like with traditional spatulas. You know what I’m talking about.. that old soap batter that collects in the crevice where the head & handle of the spatula meet (or up inside of the head of the spatula too)… I can’t stand that! Also… The head of this spatula is completely smooth, making the whole soapmaking process easier & cleaner! Those spatulas with the raised edges on the head itself (where the handle goes in), those drive me batty! Soap batter gets trapped there while you’re working & it’s a pain in the booty! Next is the durability AND flexibility of this spatula… It’s got BOTH, making it an excellent tool to work with! And lastly, the size… PERFECT size for ANY soapmaking step- whether it’s stirring additives into your soap, scraping every last bit of soap batter from the bowl, or getting into small areas bigger spatulas don’t fit. Oh! And the handle isn’t hard plastic, so it’s gentle & easy on the hands too, for a nice, comfortable grip! I bought the 8″ Spoonula too, and both are OUTSTANDING tools to have! A MUST for your soapmaking equipment!

  2. Janice

    Oh how I love these spatulas! Wasted my money on other ones! Look no further.

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