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The Micas and More Mold and Flip Holder is a complete soap mold system.  The mold is made from a sturdy, food-grade silicone.  The Flip Holder is stainless steel.  At this time, the holder is not perfectly square, which doesn’t affect the soap, as the mold itself is square.  However, the bottom wires allow the mold bottom to sag.  There are several ways to work around this, one the ways is why it is called a Flip Holder:

*Pour soap as usual, remove the mold from the holder, flip the holder upside down, and use it to brace the sides by placing it over the top of the mold.  See additional pictures for example.
*Place the included corrugated plastic piece under the mold.  Other items can be used such as thick plastic, a wooden board, or other materials to be used at your discretion.

Because the holder does not work as perfectly as planned, it is being offered at a reduced rate until the current stock is used up.

Internal dimensions: 3 1/8″ wide, 2 3/4″ tall, and a hair shy of 12″ long.
Mold temperature range:  -40 t0 220 degrees without deformation.
Mold holds approximately 3.5 pounds of uncured soap, closer to 3 when cured.
Sea Salt or Sodium lactate will aid in easy release from any silicone mold.

This mold is used in all of the more recent videos on youtube: 

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