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Buttermilk powder can be added to bath and beauty products, giving skin a silky smooth feeling.  It can be added to soap, bath salts or milk bath formulations, and to facial mud or clay masks.  It is packaged in a 5 mil thick stand up pouch with a resealable zip top in 4 oz amounts.  This item is unable to be sent internationally.

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  1. Maggie Anderson (verified owner)

    I just got this last month & am already loving it. I had never tried using anything other than the liquid milks before. But this Buttermilk Powder works fantastically in CP soaps. I blend it into my oils before adding my lye solution. And it blends in so easily. It gives a terrific silky smooth quality to my soap. And I most definitely will continue using it. If you are thinking about adding Buttermilk to your soaps, I highly recommend using this powder.

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